Loving and living music since 1969!

25+ years as a Recording Artist, Producer and Engineer with an emphasis on Live and Studio Music Production.

Biographical Details

2018 performing solo at EastBurn Public House, Portland, Oregon, photo by Mitchel Evans.

The basics...

Chris Knudson has a passion for live and studio music, production and events with over 25 years of music composition, record producing and distribution, music and event production, live performance and presentation. Noteworthy non-music work: methane gas pipe yard worker in Moundville, Alabama, night club bus boy at the long defunct "Fast and Cool Club" in Houston Texas with old friend Wes Anderson, and pharmaceutical guinea pig in Austin, Texas with collaborator Robert Rodriguez.

2014 recording session for Kanude "Colors" at Shirk Studios, Chicago, Illinois.

Some history...

Over the years, Chris has produced and released records under the Kanude and Val Holler monikers. His music has been featured in HBO's "True Blood", ​as part of the original programming for the inaugural New York Fringe Festival in 1998 (in which he performed in a crazy downtown rock opera "One Arm Red: Gospel Truth Family Hour" which he co-created), and early on as the co-composer of Robert Rodriguez'​ critically acclaimed, low-budget feature film debut "El Mariachi."​ 

During the 1990s in New York City, Chris was a contributing songwriter/founder and performer with a post-new wave band Mind Over Matter (below in the band photo taken by legendary photographer Bob Gruen), and later he has fronted his own Val Holler and Kanude recording and live projects in New York, California, Berlin, Germany, and Texas. 

His latest project is LightBody Sound, an electronic rock band with his with his wife Elizabeth Knudson, The Song Healer. In his spare time, he chips away at his severe handicap on the golf course and helps his wife raise their two school-age children.

1994 Mind Over Matter band photo by ace rock photog. Bob Gruen (Chris, far right).

A few testimonials...

"Chris and I performed together as part of Mind Over Matter, a 9-piece band from the mid-90s that created sounds of ethereal and intensely melodic overtures and songs that had a unique edge. Chris was the backbone of that sound and uniqueness. He is a blast to work with and a beautiful person. Incredibly talented multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and singer. Total Pro! Please check out his holiday tune 'Best Christmas Ever'."

-Katia Floreska, vocalist, Mastermind Artists

"Chris was instrumental in getting Opera Vista off the ground. He has a "never say die" attitude and shows utter commitment to the projects he takes on. His sense of responsibility and his desire to see the project succeed made him a true joy to work with and a wonderful collaborator."

-Viswa Subbaraman, Conductor

"I've received much praise for his ear as an engineer. I'd recommend him for future work without hesitation."

-Josh Johnson, FOH Blues Traveler


Let's Connect

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